Why Should You Groom Your Dog?

Dog grooming comes with numerous benefits, other than just making your dog look good and feel comfortable. Grooming your dog should be done correctly and as often as recommended to maximise the benefits. Some of the top reasons to groom your dog are highlighted below.

To Keep the Dog’s Coat Healthy

Brushing your dog’s coat will help remove loose fur and debris from it. That can help to reduce the frequency of bathing the dog. Brushing also increases blood circulation under the coat, which promotes healthy fur growth. Using the right products to clean the dog removes excess oil and dirt from the dog’s skin.

To Check for Health Issues

While grooming your dog, you can check for any signs of health problems. You can notice any bumps, lumps, scrapes, cuts, or swelling in places that might not be easy to spot. You can also check if the dog has ticks or fleas.

To Get Rid of Bad Smell

If you do not groom your dog for a long time, the dog is more than likely to develop a terrible odour. That will make it uncomfortable to be around the dog or even pet it. Grooming helps keep the foul smell away.